Manifesto 2020


Over the years, countless political and artistic movements alike have used manifestos to clarify their perspective and to call their supporters to arms, as well as lay down the commitments to which they agree to abide. With the turn of the decade, I felt that now was as good a time as any to write my own set of commitments, which crystalise what I feel the core values of my practice are, and which will shape the work that I make over the next ten years.

This is my commitment to building a practice which is:


This is my commitment to building a practice which not only reflects our political reality, but actively seeks to change it.

To make art is to be political, but often artists do not take enough care taken over the way that the politics of their work is enacted, and are not engaged with the political consequences of its making. Using art merely to represent a political viewpoint, or discuss a political issue isn’t good enough; as artists we have a duty to positively affect the political environment in which we exist. I aim to make work which boldly and unabashedly does so.


This is my commitment to building a practice which is environmentally sustainable, and which advocates for action around the climate crisis.

We exist in a time of extreme ecological collapse as a result of man-made industry and agriculture. Without extreme action and system change, the current climate crisis will result in environmental catastrophe, mass extinction and ecosystem loss, if not within our lifetimes, then within those of our children. I aim to use whatever platform I have to avoid this outcome, including transitioning my practice to net-zero carbon by 2025 at the latest (in line with Extinction Rebellion’s demands) as well as advocating for urgent action around climate change.


This is my commitment to building a practice which opens a space in which individuals can form a community.

By being a community, we are able to achieve more than we ever can alone. Music is an incredibly useful tool to bring people together, and as such I have the possibility of using my work to do so. I aim to make one piece per year for amateur performers, and is made for the community and for no-one else.


This is my commitment to building a practice which learns from artists in other fields, and which crosses disciplinary boundaries.

I have learnt so much from sharing my practice with those of fellow makers, within the musical sphere and outside of it. By sharing our experiences and perspectives with other, we can deepen them, and expand the breadth of the work we make. I aim to be collaborative and interdisciplinary in everything I do.


This is my commitment to building a practice which tells the truth, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient.

Speaking truth to power is the only way to affect change. Being polite only aids those who would seek to keep that power for themselves, and as such being brutally honest is the only way. Being truthful also means being honest with yourself, and transparent about your humanity and shortcomings. I aim to make work which speaks the truth, and is honest and sincere with itself, no matter the consequences.

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