Anthems for Queer Youth (2018)

for soprano, piano and video (c.70′)

A musical theatre event tracing queer histories, and questioning what the queer future will look like. Devised and performed with Patricia Auchterlonie, Gareth Mattey and Savage Parade. Nominated for a Scottish New Music Award 2019.

The Palace of Light (2016-17)

for piano (c.6′)

A meditation on an infamous cottage in Glasgow’s city centre. Created as part of Psappha Ensemble’s Composing for Piano 2016-17, performed by Benjamin Powell.

Physical Education (2019)

for actor, video and ensemble (c.30′)

A meditation on the violent and hypermasculine environment of the high school gym hall. Developed in residence with Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, in collaboration with Sasha Balmazi-Owen and Richard Court.

A recording of the full performance is available on request.

Four Songs from an Interview with Peter Maxwell Davies (2017)

for speaking pianist (c.8′)

Commissioned and performed by Rolf Hind in memory of Peter Maxwell Davies. Text taken from his interview with Alison Hennegan, published in Gay News Issue 301, 22nd April 1978.

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